In early 2022, the Center was awarded a $135,000 Aviation Workforce Development Grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Through this grant, the University developed a course for prospective drone pilots, with a focus on preparing them to take and pass their FAA Part 107 Exam. The first cohort of high school instructors came to the University to participate in the course in the summer of 2022, with all participants passing their FAA Part 107 Exam. Furthermore, the instructors were able to take the curriculum back to their own classrooms so that high school students can obtain their Part 107 license, as well as College in the High School credit.

To promote this further, HU staff conducted site visit in the spring of 2023 to the schools of all attendees to generate increased interest in students taking the course that will be offered in their high schools in coming years; with some schools already offering it and many more to begin the offering in Fall of 2023. During these site visits, students could hear about the many applications of drone technology, as well as fly drones both in an outdoor and indoor environment. The following news article details one of our visits to Warren County High School.

We look forward to continuing to build the UAS workforce throughout the northeast!